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Privacy statement

What I don't need, I won't keep

If you subscribe to my newsletter, I will only use your name and email address. I don't need any other information, so I will not ask for it nor store it. And if you buy a product, I will need your address and payment information in addition to your name and email address. I will only use the information to deliver the product and for service.

Sixty-twelve clocks does not store your data any longer than necessary. So if you unsubscribe from the newsletter, I will remove your name and email address. Unless you bought one of my products. In that case I still need this information to provide service to you.

Can I have a look?

Information that I store, is about you. So you probably want to have a say in it. Therefore you can always have a look into the information I store about you.

To be sure that it is really you who asks to see the data – and not someone else who used your email address – I ask you to send a copy of your identification document with your request. In this copy, make your photo, ID-number and citizen service number (BSN) unreadable. Also make the MRZ unreadable. The MRZ is the line with numbers at the bottom of your ID. You can also use the KopieID app issued by Rijksoverheid. This is necessary to protect your privacy. I will reply to your request as soon as possible.

Keep it safe!

Sixty-twelve clocks is serious about the safety of your data and I take safety measures to prevent abuse, loss and unauthorised access, publication or changes. If you think that your data still is not safe enough or if there are signs of abuse, please contact me at

If you don't agree

If you do not agree with the way I process your data and we are not able to come to an agreement, you can file a complaint with the Dutch DPA.